Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Various Artists - Boneyard Metal Volume XII (2012)

Various Artists - Boneyard Metal Volume XII

Release Info:

Country: United Nations of Metal
Location: Everywhere
Style(s): Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Type: Compilation
Carrier: MP3
Release Year: 2012
Label: Boneyard Metal Productions


01 - PHOENIX RISING (ESP) - Fury and Rage
02 - CROWS - Change The Border
03 - MACBETH - Bullets
04 - MYSTERY BLUE - When Time Is Pain
05 - PHANTOM LORDS - The Slasher
06 - PALACE OF BLACK - My Anger
07 - LEGEND - Why Don't You Kill Me
08 - HITTMAN - Caught In The Crossfire
09 - IGNITOR - Take To The Sky
10 - CETI - Lady Of The Storm
11 - OVERMASTER - Spartan Warriors
12 - JACKAL (NL) - Cry Of The Jackal
13 - AFTERWORLD - Touch Of Hate
14 - BATTLE BEAST - Iron Hand

Download Info:

Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Host site: Rapidshare
File Size: 158 MB
Link: Get It Here!



What ever happened to asking the band for permission to use their work.
thanx for the free exposure though ;-)

Hi Anonymous

Sorry if I did something wrong, I do not know how, where, what, to do so. Those comps are made as a hobby, and do not ask for money or donations. Perish the thought! The main thing of those comps is to let everybody know that there are many great bands out there who deserves more exposure and I hope that I can help.

Again I am sorry if I offended you or your band. And if you want I will remove the track and redo the comp.

May I ask you who you are and which band? Thanks!